E Commerce & You

Starting an E commerce Business can be a rewarding opportunity if done correctly one of the biggest challenges a new comer faces when getting into this industry is sales and marketing. One of the biggest questions we receive is. "Is it viable that a person with little to no experience can compete with a company that has been online for 10 years?"

The answer is yes if you have either a good amount of time on your hands to spend marketing your products or a great seo team to help you to market your website. One of the biggest reasons a website makes money is because they have customers on their website.

No customers = No sales ! Plain and simple. Alot of website design companies will build you a website and send you off into the internet thinking that these customers will magically appear. This is nowhere near the truth without seo and marketing this is what will happen. You will buy your website, put it online, end up on page 65 where no one will ever find you, and 6 months later you will end up getting rid of it frustrated because you never made a sale. Some people may make a few sales but nothing close to what the websites on page one are making.

Website Vs Rent A Site

If you only remember one thing you read on this website let this be it. "Renting a website from one of the monthly rental stores will not work." Here's why in order for a website to make you money you have to have seo and the search engines will not list a rent a site in their directory for relevant keywords. The search engines will read the code and immediately know it is a rent a site and from that point they list it as basically unvaluable which means they put it on pg 65 and leave it there forever Which means the only traffic you will ever get is from pay per click advertising and at about a dollar per click it will eat up your profits in a hurry. In order to get a top listing on google your website has to be unique and have fresh content for the search engines to read.

Ecommerce Today

Four or five years ago, it was more difficult for a newbie to find their way onto the desktop of a consumer . Today, though, if a new merchant is able to compete in the search engines, or bid up the clicks in a pay per click campaign more people are likely to buy from you.

As a related point, growth in online spending is fueled by more transactions per user, as opposed to more total users. More experienced buyer will always spend more online, but it's not that they're buying more expensive products it's that they buy more often.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine usage continues to grow at a remarkable pace. Between March 2004 and March 2009, the number of searches performed at search engines grew a whopping 69 percent. According to Nielsen year over year results, here are the results of the big three major Internet search enginesjust for the month of March.

6.1 billion searches made via Google
1.5 billion searches made via Yahoo
900 million searches made via MSN/Live

Broadband users spend 70 percent more time online, and view something like 120 percent more pages than a dialup user. As the Internet population continues migrating to broadband more people will increase their online shopping. Now is the time to take advantage of the market what a lot of people don't realize is that the internet is just now starting to take off and this is the time to capitolize, to start building for your future, and your families .





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