Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us . We will never rent, share, sell, or give your information to anyone at anytime for any purpose. All information is kept private unless you give us permission to use your site for a sample, demo or something of that nature that has your consent either written or through email correspondence. For your protection all information is kept on private servers with 128 bit encryption . We hate spammers and salesmen just as much as you do. The only way your information will ever be given out is if their was a court order for it where we have given you notification of the intended use or disclosure and you have not objected to that use or disclosure and given us written permission.

Terms and Conditions

We will start our work as soon as payment is received in full unless a payment arrangement has been otherwise made and noted with both agreeing parties signatures. If a said agreement is reached for a payment plan a deposit of 25% will be due upfront and you will be billed in monthly intervals 30 days exactly from the first payment. All website design work takes a maximum of 2 weeks to complete. These websites will become your property and you will be expected to pay in full any balance due to us.

You will have a 2 weeks grace period to make any missed payment and after 2 weeks 14 days we will stop service to your website (Note this only applies to any website on a payment plan or schedule) If your website is going to be paid in full this does not apply to you. After 6 weeks or 1!/2 months of no payments you will be turned over to collections

In the event of a catastrophie just contact us hey were human too and we will work out something. However this is a one time thing and if this is misused we reserve the right to cancel this portion at anytime.

Once payment has been made all sales are final. In other words if you are not sure that you want a website do not purchase one until you know for sure you are ready to get one.

Membership sales, All membership sales to our marketing community are a one time payment and you are a member for life. Their is no refund on this after your payment is made you are agreeing to these terms. In other words if you get access to our community use our methods and 3 weeks later decide you want a refund sorry all sales are final.

We strive for excellence and want our clients to have an enjoyable experience with us and more importantly a great website that they can cherish for years to come. We are human and we understand that in life things happen and we will try our best to work with anyone, but at the same time we have to ensure that we are not taken advantage of .